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  • We cover most markets

    Australia/ New Zealand

    A large, sophisticated service industry.

    We cover a braod range of services and industries here.

    United Arab Emirates

    A vibrant, fast growing region.

    We focus on financial services and entrerpeneurship.

    SE Asia

    Many fast groeing markets with a growing middle class.

    We focus on financial services and operating model design.


    A huge and competitive market.

    We focus on financial services and payments and the Eastcoast here.

  • Recent engagements

    Please contact us for more comprehensive references, relevant to your situation.


    New business launch

    An incumbent non bank financial services company wanted to design a new direct business to expand its growth options.


    Advanced Analytics to optimise customer revenue

    A SEA-based entertainment company asked to optimised customer revenue using advanced analytics.


    Innovation & growth

    A large incumbent in a declining business wanted to explore innovative new business ideas, leveraging their assets to offset the declining business' revenue.


    New online bank

    A large incumbent bank considered a new online bank with a social business model in order to grow market share.


    Technology "agile" operating model

    A learge US-based retailer asked to design its future operating model, leveraging "agile" methods.


    B2B SAAS Marketing strategy

    A US-based identity services platform asked for help in communicating their value proposition to decision makers in a complex technological space.


    Enterprise transfor-mation

    An ANZ-based food exporter commenced a large technology and business transformation.





    A leading wealth management admin platform business merged with a new digital wealth platform.


    New customer engagement platform

    A major bank wanted to design the future of how it engages with its customers - an "ecosystem of nudges".


    Electronic prescribing JV

    A major US-based Pharmaceutical company wanted to improve how it participated in the digital eco-system. We created an electronic prescribing system in a JV with Microsoft and IBM.

  • Our A-Team

    Some of the amazing people we have worked with

    Gerd Schenkel

    Managing Director

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    Ally Cooper

    Executive Assistant

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director

    Brand & Marketing

    team work



    Associate Director

    Technology & Delivery

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director

    Product & User Design

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director

    Customer & Operations

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director


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    How we built UBank

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  • Management Consulting

    Leveraging over two decades of experience in advising world-class, blue-chip corporations, our top-tier consultants are ready to elevate your business to new heights. Our expertise spans across a multitude of disciplines, with specializations in select strategic fields.

    We're committed to delivering top-notch quality akin to "MBB" standards, but with the added benefit of a cost-effective pricing structure.

    We operate globally, using a mix of in-person and remote working modes.

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    Digital business

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    Business creation

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    Financial services

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  • Interim Management

    When critical gaps emerge in your team's structure, it can disrupt the productivity and progress of your entire organization. That's where we step in. Our experienced interim executives are highly skilled and can seamlessly fill a variety of roles within your team to ensure the continuity of your operations.


    But we don't stop at filling your immediate needs. We are committed to the long-term success of your organization. Alongside performing day-to-day duties, our interim executives will assist with the recruitment and onboarding process of your permanent leader. This not only helps with identifying the right talent for your organisation but also ensures a smooth transition as they join your team.

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    CEO/ Executive Director

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    Non-executive Director

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    Transformation Leader

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    Product/ Innovation Leader

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    Business Launch Leader

  • Interim Management: Typical Approach

    The emphasis will be customised to suit your specific context and needs.

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    How to achieve greater momentum sooner and higher chances of success for the long term:

    Thorough setup

    This phase includes the detailing of the role itself and associated plans and metrics, to the extent you require these.

    Immediate execution

    Hitting the ground running, this phase is the execution of the role itself, including full participation in team activities, taking on operational accountabilities, and strategic project leadership.

    Effective onboarding

    This phase commences once you have made the permanent appointment and the effort ramps down as your new executive comes up to speed.

  • Transaction Support

    Whether you're planning to acquire a business to accelerate your growth, or you're preparing to sell your company, we are here to facilitate the process and maximize your success.


    We cover all phases of the transaction: We assist with target identification, deal structuring, negotiations and closure.


    Upon finalising a transaction, we'll guide your team through the integration planning and help implement these plans to ensure a smooth transition. We understand that every transaction is unique and requires tailored solutions.


    We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with your financial and legal advisors, fostering a collaborative environment that puts your business interests at the forefront. We have particular success in ensuring business owners and entrepreneurs are well supported, whether they are on the sell- or buy-side.

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    Integration and performance

  • Executive Coaching

    Effective leadership is crucial for organizational success. Our Executive Coaching program empowers leaders to
    unlock their potential, optimize performance, and drive growth.


    We assist leaders navigate complex problems by providing an independent sounding board, using our
    experience and perspective.

    Whilst the benefits of coaching are most pertinent over the medium term, we are flexible. We can run one-of intervention sessions,
    regular catch-ups or a structured ongoing program.

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    Founders/ start-ups