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    Gerd Schenkel

    Managing Director

    Gerd combines extensive experience as a Management Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group with successful Executive appointments at National Australia Bank,

    Citigroup and Telstra.


    He is the founder of UBank (www.ubank.com.au) and lead the digital agenda of Telstra (www.telstra.com). Most recently, Gerd was the CEO of Tyro Payments (www.tyro.com.au).


    Gerd has a Master degree in Engineering (Robotics) and an MBA from the Columbia Business School in New York.


    Gerd was appointed to serve on the Federal Government of Australia's Task-force for Small Business Digitisation.

    team work



    Associate Director

    Technology & Delivery

    Hamish combines technology skills with commercial experience. He has years of practical experience on the ground, delivering complex programs and managing difficult environments.


    He spent five years at Telstra Digital where he managed Telstra's digital channels and assets as part of the broader digital agenda.


    Prior to that, Hamish was a technology partner at National Australia Bank.


    Hamish has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Deakin University.

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director

    Product & User Design

    Tom focuses on product and user experience design, using the latest design thinking techniques.


    He was part of the Telstra Digital team where he lead the development of digital products and propositions.


    As part of that, he was part of the team that launched Belong in only ten weeks (www.belong.com.au).


    Most recently, Tom was the platform product lead at Tyro Payments (www.tyro.com.au).


    Tom has a Master degree (1st class honours) in Marketing & Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director

    Customer & Operations

    Rich has established and ran some of the world's most advanced and largest customer service operations.


    He is a co-founder of UBank (www.ubank.com.au) and was an early Director of Egg Bank (UK).


    He was the Operations Director for Telstra's Global Contact Centres, established Telstra Digital's Live Chat operations and led Telstra's corporate customer experience function.


    Prior to that, Rich worked at HSBC, Credit Suisse and UBS Warburg.


    Rich has a Bachelor degree (Honours) in Design & Technology from Loughborough University in the UK.

    UX, design, design thinking, SEO, SEM, coding, technology



    Associate Director

    Brand & Marketing

    Natalie is a creative & highly qualified marketing professional & entrepreneur with over 18 years experience of distinguished performance in driving business results & establishing brand performance.


    Natalie is a co-founder of UBank, launched mortgages for Virgin Money and Bank West on the East coast. Natalie’s experience includes Head of Direct Marketing for Foxtel, consumer CRM GM for Telstra and Egg Bank in the UK


    Natalie also launched and raised investment for her own business, an online market place for mothers.


    Natalie has a Law degree (L.L.B. Hons) and Masters in Business from Nottingham Trent University.

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